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“All hands on deck this week at the new time slot of Sunday nights, 8-10PM EST on Triple R Melbourne for the month of December. Nice.

Aside from the usual quality jams, Rambl got the chance to talk production, Timbaland and astral travelling with LA producer Mono/Poly. Charles first piqued our interest a few years back..” read more / link to podcast

One Summer Radio caught up with Mono/Poly this week. Read more about what artist influenced him, plans for new releases and upcoming projects. Interview here.

MONO/POLY▐ The Age Of The Soul mix cd
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brand new 45-minute mix cd in collaboration with HIT+RUN (HNR14)
limited cd copies // purchase here

Ill Deal Mono/Poly
Boxing Gloves Mono/Poly
Look at me now (Mono/Poly Remix) Chris Brown
Fury Bass Mono/Poly
Analog (feat. Hodgy BeatsTyler The Creator 
Midwestern Nights Dream Pat Metheny
Fleer Ultra Thundercat 
Dirty Mind Prince
C.T.F.O (feat M.I.ASebastiAn
Needs Deodorant Mono/Poly
Quartz For Amber (Mono/Poly RemixTake
Condemnation Current Value
The System Crumbles Mono/Poly
Total SebastiAn
The Free Free The Robots
Los Angeles Mono/Poly
A Dub Classic Soul Syndicate 
Alienation Stevie-E
Krishna Krishna Alice Coltrane

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Anamnesia is an archetypal sci-fi myth conceived of by resident Brainfeeder audio-visualist [dr.] Strangeloop. In the future, a utopian civilization is driven mad by a mysterious imbalance in the fabric of space and time. As reality comes apart at the seams, Anam, mysteriously unaffected by his civilization’s schizophrenic break, journeys through vast unmapped territories looking for answers to aid his dying world.

written and directed by Strangeloop (Brainfeeder)
sound-design and musical score by Mono/Poly (Brainfeeder)

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purchase Mono/Poly’s Brainfeeder debut album MANIFESTATIONS
from any of the following


Manifestations – EP
[Brainfeeder] 2011

1. Manifestations
2. Forest Dark
3. Glow
4. Needs Deodorant
5. Toe Jam
6. Punch The Troll In The Neck
7. Vibrations (Alternate)

Trebuchet Magazine

Look At Me Now (Mono/poly Remix) from Stevie E on Vimeo.

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